YYC Soccer Podcast

YYC Soccer is a podcast that focuses on soccer in Calgary at the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels. We talk about the teams and players from the city's soccer community, from grassroots and amateur leagues to the university and professional level.

Photos courtesy of Scott Strasser

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Podcast Episodes

Meet the Hosts

Jason Kmet
Jason is a long time supporter of local soccer in the Calgary area. He's followed local pro clubs going back to the Storm and Mustangs. He even wrote match reports for Storm and Mustangs matches for a-league.com.

Scott Strasser
Scott Strasser is a Calgary-based journalist. In addition to a seven-year career as a small-town newspaper reporter and editor in B.C. and Alberta, he covered Cavalry FC in the 2019 and 2022 Canadian Premier League seasons for AFTN.ca.


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